Why you shouldn't build your website

Reasons you shouldn’t build your own website 

Most of us have been there, excited about our new business and eager for the world to find out about our value offerings.  We are full of optimism and excitement, staring at the computer screen, ready to start building a website from scratch.  Fast forward 8 hours later, and we are feeling frustrated and almost defeated staring at a website that we know does not truly represent our business potential.  I will tell you four why you shouldn’t build your website and what I believe is the solution to this proverbial problem. 

  1. You don’t have the time

Seriously, you don’t have it.  If you are like most entrepreneurs, you are busy prospecting for clients to get your business going, delivering on your goods and services, maybe hiring folks, and managing your business day to day.  Your time is so much better spent going out there and increasing sales or providing your goods or services than spending hours in front a computer attempting to be an interim website designer.  Think about the opportunity cost that taking the time to design your website will cost you. Could you have gotten more customers? Or could have used that time to produce more goods or provide more services?  The worst thing about it all is that it will not look professional. 

2. It might not look professional. 

So you have spent hours and hours tweaking, modifying, changing, changing again, and your finished product just doesn’t look professional.   Some of the fonts are not working, the layout might awkward, and the color scheme might clash with the other visual elements.  Don’t feel bad about it, you are not a graphic designer by trade.  You are likely highly skilled and successful in other areas, but knowing the difference between pastel red and fuscia might not be on your professional wheelhouse.  The visual aspect of the site is just as crucial as the content and product offering.  Did you know that according to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, 46% of site visitors say that a website design, including font size, color scheme, layout, and site navigation is the #1 criterion for discerning the credibility of the company.  Ensuring your website is visually appealing and has a professional look is one of the fastest ways to create credibility with your customers. 

3.You might lack technical expertise. 

Many aspects of a website increase the conversion rate (the percent of website visitors who click on a call to action), such as performance, responsiveness, placement of call to actions, and many others.   A call to action (CTA) is made when potential customers is enticed to make a purchasing decision, inquire about your services via phone or email, sign up for a newsletter, or read a blog post.  Did you know that your website’s placement of the call to action can affect your conversion rate?  A study from Neil Patel showed that call to action at the bottom of a page (and on the left side) are more effective than when placed on top of a website.   You probably didn’t know that, and it is likely that you won’t spend countless hours researching increasing online customer engagement.   

4. You might not be using all the tools. 

Using chatbots, scheduling calendars, online forms, and online carts are tools available that can be used to increase engagement and conversion.  Did you know that chatbots can cut operational costs by up to 30% and that it is estimated that  85% of customer interactions will be handled without human agents in 2021?  Chatbots might or might not be the right fit for your business, but there countless tools that can help you provide a more engaging digital experience that will lead to higher customer satisfaction and sales.  Using scheduling tools can streamline your sales efforts by eliminating the guessing work when scheduling appointments and sending confirmation and reminder emails. 

5.  You might not be leaving money on the table.   

As previously discussed, not having a professional website can directly impact how much revenue your business generates.   Think about this example, an attorney who has spent 7 grueling years studying, graduated from a prestigious university, is excellent at her craft, and is ready to provide valuable services to potential clients.  Assuming that she creates her own site, and it lacks a pleasing visual design, lacks functionality and tools that might help her increase client engagement, she might have a hard time getting clients through the door.  Think about how much business this person might be missing out because her professional persona does not match her online version.  This happens to many businesses that have focused on improving on their product and service offerings, but have yet to invest on improving their online sales experience.   When a website is not search-engine-optimized (SEO), it is harder for its potential customer to find the products and services they are looking for and giving business away to potential competitors that are taking full advantage of a robust online presence. 

For all reasons above I recommend you don’t go at the task of building your website all alone.   Not only can the process be very frustrating, the quality of the site might not accurately portrait your business, but it very likely that it will cost you money in the long run.  Is there an alternative to hiring a graphic design company and paying thousands of dollars for a custom site?  Yes, there is and it is called Beyond Web.  Beyond Web is a web design company that helps you produce a professional curated website for a fraction of the cost of a custom site.  Beyond Web allows you to populate your website with your own content, pick the layout design, choose the online tools that better suit your business and we professionally curate your site to produce a professional product.   You don’t have to mess with layouts, fonts, tools, integrating point of sales; we do all the hard work.  At Beyondweb we specialize in providing professional websites at an affordable price.  We invite you to learn more about our products and services by clicking in the link below.